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Harry Hog Podcast

So I was browsing Harry Hog today and noticed they have a super happy fun slide neat Chat function that I will probably be on constantly. That's worth checking out.

You know what else is worth checking out? Harry Hog's weekly Podcast:

Every Sunday (sometimes Monday) at around 7:00PM you can catch their podcast here (If you have any questions about listening to the Podcast or have trouble with the above link, email them directly at the address listed above. I am useless as a source of information.).

At some point in the not-so-distant future, perhaps two weeks from now, I am going to try and sneak onto one of their brilliant podcasts. I'd also like to get something akin to their Chat feature here at Hogs Haven, though I'm getting ahead of myself...

Check out the podcast or at least call the guys and let them know your thoughts on recent Redskins happenings. Also make sure to check out Harry Hog frequently, as I plan on invading them and their superior Chat-functioning site.

Cheers and have a safe Easter weekend, reader(s).