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Phillip Daniels player journal

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

First let me acknowledge that NFL players get Journals and Hogs Haven reader(s) get "Diaries". Learn to love it.

Working Hard

What's up Skins fans. I would like to start off by giving a big "I'M SORRY" to all the fans that have sent fan mail to me and I didn't respond. Just found out about this site and the fan mail. Well I'm working hard this offseason to get ready for next season and I'm training in Atlanta, Ga. I always liked training in Atlanta so that I can be one on one with my own personal strength coaches. They do a great job. We cannot afford to have a season like we did last year and I know this year will be a whole lot better. When I say better, I'm talking Super Bowl better. Hello to all the Redskins fans and feel free to drop me a line or two now that I know about our own personal site. I've got to go workout tomorrow so I have to get to bed. Gooooooooooooo Skins

I appreciate that he's engaging fans and acknowledging unanswered emails, but please no more Super-Bowl-Or-Bust. Talk is cheap.

But thank you to Phillip Daniels. I agree with him that we'll be better in '07, if only as a regression towards the mean. It's very difficult to lose 10+ games in a row in the NFL. Only Arizona, Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, and Oakland managed to do so in 2006, and you'd have to admit that those teams are working very hard at losing Football games.