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Aaron Ross visiting with the Redskins

Not huge news, but per this little blurb at

Texas cornerback Aaron Ross visited the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday and said he was headed next to Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Washington.
First thing I did was contact fellow SBN Blogger HornsFan of Burnt Orange Nation (also co-contributor at the always excellent Behind the Steel Curtain). I doubt anyone has watched or studied University of Texas Cornerback Aaron Ross as closely as HornsFan and I was very appreciative to get his thoughts:
For one, he may move to safety in the pros. He doesn't exactly have cornerback speed, though he's not slow, and he's big enough to play at safety with a little more upper body bulk. The best thing about Ross is he has a nose for the big play, which is something you hear tossed about too often, but is absolutely true in this case.

I'd be wary of a team drafting him to be a starting corner in the league, but I think he's a -very- intriguing prospect at safety.

That actually makes him more of a legitimate prospect for the Redskins, if we trade down. I'm comfortable with our Cornerbacks heading into '07 after the Smoot signing, so I thought drafting a CB was going to take a back seat to either DE or Safety. But if Aaron Ross is a converted Safety, that makes him a legitimate possibility if we can trade down to the mid-to-late first round (and get a 2nd rounder in the process). Converted Safety would have above average coverage skills (plus) though the size is an issue. Big plays were also something severely lacking in our '06 defense. I think we'd get better value at DE than Safety in rounds 2 and 3, if the team committed itself to drafting both positions on day one.

Post your own thoughts below. Thanks to BON for the insight on Ross.