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Redskins "interested" in Adam Timmerman and Jerametrius Butler

I know the Redskins are "interested" in everyone, as that is Agent-speak for "I'm trying to get my client a good contract." And also because it has been born out by repeated offseasons of aggressive dealing by Your Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins. However, per, the Redskins really, seriously are still interested in Guard Adam Timmerman:

[Timmerman's agent Mark] Bartelstein said he's still talking with five teams about Timmerman: Atlanta, the New York Giants, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Washington. It's just a matter of finding the right fit, at the right price.
Without knowing the price he'd fetch or whether he's a reliable Guard, presumably our interest in Tillman is as a replacement to former-Redskin now-Bill Derrick Dockery. Todd Wade was getting a look at that position, and I think he could be a fine Guard although I am not morally committed against bringing in someone else to compete ("at the right price").

Also, we're really, seriously pursuing CB Jerametrius Butler. This move terrifies me, as it would most bloggers, because his first name is a nightmare to type repeatedly. We'll have to think up a clever alias:

Nonetheless, there has been speculation that Washington is interested in trading for Butler. The Redskins gave Butler a six-year, $15.04 million offer sheet as a restricted free agent before the 2004 season. The Rams opted to match that offer, keeping Butler in St. Louis.
Butler is currently missing out on the Rams offseason program, though since ours is now voluntary we can't exactly hold it against him.

My thoughts on Butler is that, although it never hurts to have CB depth, especially an under 30 guy with a proven track record (13 interceptions in '03 and '04), I vote no. As recently as January he was a possible cut casualty. And as STLToday notes, he's slipped down the depth charts:

[Agent Robert] Fayne insists Butler is not upset with the Rams, even though Butler plummeted down the depth chart last season after the addition of free agent Fakhir Brown and first-round draft pick Tye Hill.
Why trade for a guy who can't play himself on the field and might get cut anyways?