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Everyone loves McIntosh!

Some team-love for Rocky McIntosh revealed per The Post in the Briggs deal which, as of now, is dead on hold:

The Washington Redskins' refusal to part with Rocky McIntosh may have stalled the team's proposed trade with Chicago for linebacker Lance Briggs, but at the same time sent the strongest signal yet that the 24-year-old linebacker may be an important part of the team's long-term plan after all.
Which is strange, since the trade itself indicated that the Redskins had no problem burying McIntosh under the depth charts. Again. Nothing the team did last year suggested great confidence in Rocky either, as it took him 14 weeks to supplant Warrick Holdman, who was suspect on the weak side all year. I did consider it a positive when the team chose to treat Lemar Marshall as a backup at all positions as opposed to simply putting McIntosh behind Marshall when London Fletcher took over in the middle. That's why I thought the Lance Briggs deal was so strange; the team looked prepared at linebacker with three starters they (finally) showed confidence in with an ultra reliable backup at all positions.
When the season ended, the firing of linebackers coach Dale Lindsey was seen as another repudiation of his teaching, McIntosh's readiness, or both.
Let's hope it was his teaching, although I'll throw in one more consideration. When McIntosh finally got into the game in the final two weeks of the season, he played quite admirably. This is pure speculation: perhaps Lindsey was given Das Boot partially because he argued against McIntosh seeing time for lack or preparedness or ability, concerns that at least appeared unfounded.
The Bears have long thought McIntosh to be a top-notch player. Before last year's draft, McIntosh was coveted by Chicago, which listed him high on its draft board.
And here's the love from Chicago. I trust their personnel judgments at outside linebacker (and on defense in general) given that Lance Briggs -- two time Pro Bowler coveted by the Redskins -- was a 3rd round pick himself. Also their defense has been better than ours for 3 of the past 4 years.

Remember too that Warrick Holdman, a bust for the Redskins in '06, is a former Bear who played next to Brian Urlacher from 2000-2003. Concerns of Briggs as a system product in Chicago should recognize that lightning struck once with Holdman.

Finally, anyone hoping that this thing is officially and undeniably dead... think again?

But talks with the Bears may not be dead, and, while the Redskins rejected adding McIntosh, it was Washington that initiated talks with the Bears. Chicago could offer a more attractive package or accept the Redskins' initial offer if they are able to work out a secondary deal to trade the sixth pick to another team.