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Rock Cartwright killed your favorite NCAA team

Apparently Redskins backup RB and Kick Returner Rock Cartwright produced an NCAA bracket so bad it likely caused teams to fail by association. At least per Dan Steinberg's Celebrity Pool NCAA Bracket Contest. Cartwright finished 74th out of 74 moderately-to-moderately world famous persons. Says Dan:

Loser: Rock Cartwright. Expect a 12,000-word ESPN expose on the disorder within the Redskins' regarding college basketball information distribution. Rock finished 7,347th overall, which is about where last year's 'Skins would have finished in a 7,347-team version of the NFC East. Next year, though, Super Bowl.
In fact, none of Your Washington Redskins did well at all. Jason Campbell finished 50th, despite bravely putting all #1 seeds in the final four. Renaldo Wynn finished 59th, although that's what he gets for pumping Duke into the Elite Eight.

But let's focus on Rock's bracket to see what the deuce happened. Cartwright is a Kansas State product and it shows in his bracket, with a heavy dose of Big 12 bias. I love his picking Texas Tech to upset Boston College, but reality hurt. Years of collegiate in-state rivalry with Kansas apparently left a mark, as he had them losing to Texas in the finals. UT did him the most damage by losing to USC in the 2nd round, although Kansas surely hurt after they dropped to UCLA. And he had to give Duke too much credit as well, pushing them into the Elite Eight despite their inability to escape the first round.

Friends, this was an awesomely bad bracket that is totally forgivable after his Kickoff Return Touchdown against the Cowboys last year. You keep doing more of that, and I don't care how many College Basketball Programs' Tournament Hopes' you kill.