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Briggs to Giants?

Per my SBN colleague Big Blue View: has reported that the Giants have offered the Bears a package including their No. 1 pick (20th overall) in this year's draft for unhappy linebacker Lance Briggs.

I am not sure what to make of this report. Giants GM Jerry Reese has steadfastly maintained that he does not want to trade any first-day draft picks, and trhis would obviously be a departure from that philosophy.

The Bears and Redskins have apparently been discussing a Briggs trade. Maybe this is a serious offer by Reese, maybe it's just a way of driving up the cost to the Redskins.

Either way, I find it highly unlikely that Briggs will end up with the Giants.

While I agree that it's possible the Giants could be bidding up the Redskins, if they've extended an offer than I don't think that could be viewed as a bluff, as the only thing preventing a formal offer from becoming a trade is the other team accepting, and I doubt the Giants would send an offer to the Bears unless they were willing to accept the consequences. Similar reasoning regards the Redskins; any suggestion that the Lance Briggs rumors are merely smokescreen ignores that we tendered a formal offer to the Bears.

Admittedly without knowing the veracity of the above deal, I kind of like what I see. It looks like the Giants have made an offer (or are at least sniffing around) and that means there's at least one more team competing against the Redskins, thus making the trade less likely for us. The bad news is that it might cost us to pay more for Briggs, though hopefully we're still standing firm at our current offer.

I'm pretty sure the Giants trade package will have to include more than just the #20, as in more personnel. The Redskins/Bears proposal that Jerry Angelo is currently dissatisfied with is the equivalent of the #16th pick; if they won't take that they won't take the #20. Remember, though, that the Chicago media has made a big deal about Chicago's reluctance to pay a #6 pick the money they deserve. Perhaps Da Bears are more inclined to take the Giants' offer given that it prices them at a cheaper 1st round pick. Wishful thinking on my part.

AOL Fanhouse's Dan Benton also has the story. Thanks to both him and Big Blue View for providing the skinny, as us peasents cannot afford's registration required scoop. I'm poor.