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Today Bloggers take over the T.V. Tomorrow, the world.

If you hadn't already noticed, Jamie Mottram of Mister Irrelevant and Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog decided to go ahead and be movie stars or something.  They are the stars of Washington Post Live, airing Monday thru Friday 5:00-6:30PM Eastern in the D.C. region. Critical acclaim is sure to follow.

They just finished their 2nd show which, much like the first, was awesome. Jamie tried to be all fake modest and say Round 1 was a "failure". I thought it was just a first show with a few predictable though hilarious hiccups. I nearly peed myself from nerves by merely being on a small-audience podcast; and the Steinberg and MI went bravely from Teh Internets to Teh Televisions. Applause.

All of this is good news for your 'Skins, trust me. The District is quickly becoming a "Blogging Mecca" (not my words) thanks to the tireless efforts of Steinberg and Mottram among many others. And although the Blogosphere has fallen in love with Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards, it's just a matter of time before Clinton Portis dons some costumes after a 150 yard game. Internets love that kind of thing.

Huge congratulations to The Blog Show which can only be good news for Sports and Bloggers (and thus reader(s)) in general. One small step for Blogger(s), etc. The show was great and we're all looking forward to Round 3.