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#205 Washington Selects...

It's official, there are no more good linebackers available in this year's draft...

Washington selects Jordan Palmer, Quarterback, University of Texas El Paso

Hmm... Carson's brother. 6'6" QB (hopefully he's a lefty, too). Threw for 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions last season, 65.7% completion rate for 3595 yards, and a 5-7 record. Full statistics here

I've gotta' say that I like this pick, too. Palmer's another young, tall, quarterback, and we picked him up much later in the draft than one would have expected. He even addresses a need on our team - backup quarterback for the next few years (and who knows what will happen from there?).

This thead doubles as a farewell to Todd Collins, who will now almost certainly be cut. Thanks for your service, Mr. Collins.