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Skins get to draft again?

Nearly 140 picks after selecting LaRon Landry, the Redskins will soon get another chance to draft.

I can't honestly say I will recognize any of these players at this point, unless they played in the Atlantic Coast Conference, but I'll try to find out some information about the selection when it comes up.

Washington selects Dallas Sartz, Linebacker, University of Southern California.

Ok, we now have one player named Landry, and another named Dallas. Not sure how I feel about this trend. Putting aside the name, my initial reaction is he clearly doesn't fill a team need, but also seems to be a good value player this late in the draft. He's a 3-year starter at USC, which is very notable. However, he also has a string of injuries in his past.

Here's the Yahoo! Sports scouting report on Sartz. Or the profile, if you prefer. Here's USC's player bio, which also contains a short hilight reel (it's not all that impressive).