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DRAFT in Progress - Redskins take Landry

  1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell QB  
  2. Detroit - Calvin Johnson WR  
  3. Cleveland - Joe Thomas OT
  4. Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams DE
  5. Arizona - Levi Brown OT
  6. Washington - LaRon Landry S
    (rest of draft below)
Two players seen as landmines to many of us at Hogs Haven go right off the bat. Phew. Let's hope we don't see any silly trades to reverse this very fortunate news. Oakland and Detroit can keep 'em.

Cleveland takes Joe Thomas, and Brady Quinn is just sitting out there for Tampa Bay / Arizona / Washington to trade away... Don't see any other possibilities with this one (but others on HH do, bless their hearts).

And your 2007 NFL Draft bust... Gaines Adams goes to Tampa Bay, while Levi Brown goes to Arizona. No big suprises here, and Quinn falls two more spots. So the question is, can Washington work out a trade, or just how far will Quinn fall?

There is a consensus on Hogs Haven that the Redskins trade down, 2-for-1 or 3-for-1. Second best scenario has always been LaRon Landry. ESPN has started to show Landry celebrating with his agent, and (presumably) his family.

Washington selects LaRon Landry, Safety, Louisiana State University.

Looks like a Giant?

Looks like a Giant, doesn't it? So, our draft day is over, barring any trades. Here's the obligatory YouTube videos:

And the rest of the draft...

  1. Minnesota - Adrian Peterson RB
  2. Atlanta - Jamaal Anderson DE
  3. Miami - Ted Ginn, Jr. WR
  4. Houston - Amobi Okoye DT
  5. San Francisco - Patrick Willis LB
  6. Buffalo - Marshawn Lynch RB
  7. St. Louis - Adam Carriker DE
  8. Carolina NY Jets - Darrelle Revis CB
  9. Pittsburgh - Lawrence Timmons LB
  10. Green Bay - Justin Harrell DT
  11. Jacksonville Denver - Jarvis Moss DE
  12. Cincinnati - Leon Hall CB
  13. Tennessee - Michael Griffin S
  14. NY Giants - Aaron Ross CB
  15. Denver Jacksonville - Reggie Nelson S
  16. Dallas Cleveland - Brady Quinn QB
  17. Kansas City - Dwayne Bowe WR
  18. New England - Brandon Meriweather S
  19. NY Jets Carolina - Jon Beason LB
  20. Philadelphia Dallas - Anthony Spencer DE
  21. New Orleans - Robert Meachem WR
  22. New England San Francisco - Joe Staley OT
  23. Baltimore - Ben Grubbs OG
  24. San Diego - Craig Davis WR
  25. Chicago - Greg Olsen TE
  26. Indianapolis - Anthony Gonzalez WR
And... Miami fudges the draft, bypassing Brady Quinn, selecting Tedd Ginn, Jr. Draft boards had Ginn going anywhere between 15 and 25. Obviously, Miami knows something we don't, or simply has confidence in their old, injury-prone quarterbacks. Quinn is going to DROP.

Houston opts for Okoye, another popular pick among HH readers, and NORML members alike. Quinn falls a little bit further...

Patrick Willis goes to San Francisco. Whew, Willis was one of my favorite players in the draft. San Francisco is going to win the NFC West. You heard it here first.

Jets trade 1st, 2nd and 5th for Carolina's 1st and 6th... it's Darrelle Revis! Revis is clearly not worth two picks, but at the same time, he is worth two Jets picks.

Denver trades 1st, 3rd, 6th for Jacksonville's's Jarvis Moss. Seems like Moss went a bit early, but Denver always wins trades, so clearly this is a good pick. What are chances that the Jaguars take Brady Quinn (remember him?) at 21?

Yahoo! Sports' John Murphy had Jacksonville drafting Florida safety Reggie Nelson at 17. After trading down four spots, the Jaguars select... Reggie Nelson! Great move by this organization, as they get the best player on the National Champion Gators, plus a handful of picks. Not to mention that Gainesville is only 70 miles away from Jacksonville.

The Browns trade for Dallas' first rounder to select Brady Quinn. It's Cleveland's 2nd round pick, plus next year's 1st rounder. So, 13 spots for next year's top pick. Dallas can still expect a very good wide receiver in the early second 2nd round - plus a likely top 10 pick next season (Cleveland ain't goin anywhere).

Umm.. Philly trades with Dallas... first rounder for the Cowboys' 2nd (from Cleveland), 3rd and 5th. Cowboys use the pick to get Anthony Spencer. ESPN8 "The Ocho" now reporting that Andy Reid has just been fired.

49ers trade next year's 1st round PLUS this year's 4th for New England's (other) 1st round pick, get Joe Staley. 6'6", 306 lb., referred to as "ultra-athletic" (for an offensive tackle). That's a ton to give, but he sounds like a beast of a player. Did I mention that San Fran is winning the NFC West?

... and that's a wrap, folks. This was a marathon, and now I need to move around a bit / question my life choices.

Can't resist. With the 36th overall pick (acquired today from Dallas... from Cleveland), Phildalphia picks Kevin Kolb, QB from Houston. Kiper had Kolb listed as the 6th best QB in the draft - Eagles take him third.