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DRAFT: It is on like Donkey Kong

Update [2007-4-27 18:21:23 by Skin Patrol]: Shouldn't there have been a joke about Mel Kiper's hair somewhere? My fault.

Update [2007-4-27 18:15:12 by Skin Patrol]: Busch League Hogs Haven! You have a Draft Open Thread without even pointing to your incredible and growing Blog Roll. There are a number of sites that I am sure will be covering this year's NFL Draft from a Redskins perspective, and I vouch for each and every one of them. Look no farther than the left side of your screen for just a few of the awesome Redskins content magnets in the wonderful Washington Sports Blogosphere.
This is your 2007 NFL Draft Open Thread.

My schedule this weekend looks inebriated, so do not count on me to carry the conversation throughout Saturday and Sunday's draft. My understanding is that many of the Blogs in our wonderful Tubenet cubbie hole called Sports Blog Nation will be livedrafting the event, as will I at some point (likely Sunday), so you should not have any trouble finding Football interested like-minds to converse with. For Redskins fans, this could be your support group.

Ahhhh Your Washington Redskins. I won't bore you with anymore endless speculation on what the Redskins will or won't, should or shan't, can or couldn't do, as we've all written thousands of words on that subject. You can find my own ruminations on the draft by clicking here.

Will we pick Amobi Okoye or LaRon Landry? Will Defensive Ends Gaines Adams and Jamaal Anderson get a fair hearing despite Vinny's assurance that we won't draft just to fill a need? Will we trade up to select Calvin Johnson, causing my head to explode? Or, dare a guy hope, will we trade down for additional picks?

All those questions and more will be answered tomorrow, and I'm full on nipple-erecting excited. So much of the past few weeks reader(s) have suffered through my frequently uninformed and incoherent babble about this "draft" thing, and now I'll finally have something substantive to write about. Hogs Haven looks forward to welcoming the newest Redskin(s) to the team this weekend.

Post anything and everything draft related that pops into your mind here. I'll have updates running on this thread throughout the weekend if I'm sober enough to work this confangled keyboard.

Have a great weekend, cheers, be safe, and HTTR.

-Skin Patrol