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Adios, Warrick Holdman

Per the LA Times, Warrick Holdman is officially not a Redskin. He signed with the Denver Broncos yesterday:

The Denver Broncos added depth at linebacker, signing unrestricted free-agents Warrick Holdman and D.D. Lewis on Thursday.

Holdman, a ninth-year player out of Texas A&M, started 16 games for the Washington Redskins in 2006. He also has played for Chicago and Cleveland.

Denver can have him, as far as I'm concerned. He was a decent replacement for an injured Lavar Arrington at the beginning of 2005, but was clearly in over his head as a starter in 2006. I won't miss watching Holdman get completely removed from a play by blockers, or riding RBs 2-3 yards before bringing them down. Despite starting all 16 games for the Redskins, Holdman amassed just 69 tackles, fewer than both Lemar Marshall (hardly surprising, as MLB gets more tackles, but Lemar had nearly twice as many in 15 starts) and Marcus Washington (86 on 14 starts). Rookie Rocky McIntosh picked up 17 of his 28 tackles in weeks 16 and 17 alone, which projects to 136 tackles over 16 games. We're looking forward to him starting in 2007, unless something batshit crazy happens like we bring in Lance Briggs. But let me tell you what I really think...