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Vinny Cerrato "expected" to be fired after draft

Stronger language than has been used elsewhere, though as Running Redskins points out, this is an old rumor. Note to reader(s), do not piss off (my emphasis):

The Redskins really need to hit on their first-round pick (No. 6 overall), since they won't have another one until the fifth round. They traded away their second-, third- and fourth-round selections in shrewd deals like the one for long-gone running back T.J. Duckett. They are expected to try to trade down and add at least one more pick. If they stay put, though, they may ignore pressing needs along the defensive line and take safety LaRon Landry, who probably is the second safest pick in the draft after wide receiver Calvin Johnson. "When you are picking sixth, the biggest thing you do not want to do is draft based on need and take someone that is not worthy of that pick," said Redskins player personnel chief Vinny Cerrato, who is expected to get his long-overdue walking papers from owner Dan Snyder after the draft. "What you want to take at the sixth pick is someone that has Pro Bowl potential." Wow, how profound!
Speaking of profound, from the same article:
They view [Trent] Green, who will be 37 in July, as a short-term fix.
No way! [ED. Note: I say this knowing full well that nothing I've ever said at Hogs Haven could ever be accused of profundity.]

In any event, Vinny's Redskin expiration has now officially gone from mere conjecture to an expected outcome. I do not want to act gleeful at this, as Vinny is still with the Redskins and could be for the forseeable future, though I am ready to see him go given his track record with this team. He is questionable as a scout and in his capacity as Vice Prime Minister of Whatever, I'm not sure of the official title.