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Taking the Draft on the road

Per Cyn Cyty guest blogging at Redskins Insider:

I'm here in New York for the annual meeting that sports editors conduct with the commissioners of the major league sports. Yesterday marked our first meeting since Roger Goodell became commissioner. It was a very informative meeting and, at one point, he wondered whether fans would like to see the league take the draft on the road and asked our opinion. I think it's a great idea; I can only imagine how many of you would show up. Nothing wrong with Jets fans, but it would be nice to see others get the chance to attend.
Needless to say I am behind this idea 100%. I do not live in New York, have not been there in a decade, and likely will not go there just to attend the draft. If I am going on vacation it is to spend time with my lovely girlfriend, not to boo, hiss, or cheer over the Redskins pick. That said, I'd have no problem booing, hissing, or cheering in the comfort of my home city should the Draft ever make the rounds (and I am in a major city). The idea is so obvious and intuitive that I am surprised it took Roger Gooddell to get this suggested.