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I wish Nike owned me...

Received an interesting email yesterday informing me that Nike had signed 9 of the best incoming picks of the 2007 Draft. Which immediately tells me that nine guys younger than I am have already made more money than I will for the next two lifetimes without having played a down of Professional Sports. Peachy.

The power 9 includes potential Redskins draft choices Gaines Adams and Amobi Okoye (it also includes Calvin Johnson, but we're not going to draft him anyways so leave it alone). Check out the happy flashing lights and gaddgets and seizure inducing website here. Actually it's a pretty neat site as you can drift through videos, photos, and write ups of all 9 players.

Having failed to figure out how to embed video from there to Hogs Haven, here is a photo of Amobi looking like he's about to eat someone:

Despite looking all mean, he manages a "--" on his "SPARQ" rating which presumably is some kind of cool acronym that loosely translates to Fire-Breathing-Bad-Ass. Gaines Adams has a 84.54 SPARQ rating; meaningless without context. This writer can only speculate that it probably refers to how many hours it takes to escape the Legend of Zelda Labryinth on the side of his head:

You have to find the secret bombable door on the 2nd row of his hair to reach the UnderArmor Boomerang. The compass? You're on your own, guys.