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Another GM possibility for 2007?

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins and Jason La Canfora's Live Online Discussion today at the Post.

First, per the NFL Czar's Fox Sports Blog:

Redskins changes

The rumor has been circulating for more than a month now that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder plans to hire a new personnel director to work with head coach Joe Gibbs after the draft. Bobby DePaul, Jerry Angelo's right-hand man in Chicago, has been mentioned the most because he and Gibbs are friendly and could work together.

And per Jason's Live Online Discussion:
Philly:... Okay, another question. Since Snyder obviously has to meddle and us fans have to accept that, is there any truth to the rumor that he is at least thinking of hiring a new Vinny to give Gibbs better advice? Reports have mentioned a front office guy from Chicago. Any truth to this? Please say yes.

Jason La Canfora:... As for the front offiec stuff, like I have blogged about in the past, it is somethign that has made the circles in the NFL, but Gibbs and Snyder contineu to deny it.
Bobby DePaul, the man you speak of, would be the ideal candidate, but I am certain he is very close to signing a new deal with the Bears shortly. The Skins could still approach for him, but the Bears could try to block it and theri GM Jerry Angelo, has a well-known dislike of the Snyder regime and I am told he unloaded on vinny out at the owner's meetings in Arizona last month during the Briggs thing.

Regardless, they have made no contact with Depaul to this point. I still won't entirely rule out a shake up of some sort after the draft, but they seem to keep heaping praise on Vinny. Trust me, we'll be monitoring the situation regardless.

Link to Bobby DePaul's Bio at the Bears Official site. Not much there though maybe this helps:
Bobby DePaul, in his sixth year as the Bears director of pro personnel, has played an instrumental role to Chicago's two division championships achieved during his tenure with the team. Hired on June 19, 2001, the 17-year NFL veteran came to Chicago after serving as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles player personnel department for four years following an eight-year career as an NFL assistant coach.
I support any and all suggestions that the Redskins get additional scouts and personnel managers.