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Tom Modrak a potential future Redskins GM?

Update [2007-4-26 14:9:49 by Skin Patrol]: Another update complements Buffalo Rumblings:
I've heard rumor of Modrak going to a couple of teams, so this would make sense. Modrak is sort of an enigma to me - he does the majority of his work from Jacksonville, FL and is only in Buffalo intermittently throughout the year. What he does bring to the table is experience, and he has always struck me as a very intelligent person. He obviously is a big part of the scouting process here, and has been part of some questionable drafts - lots of questionable picks (McGahee, Whitner, even Losman) although those can obviously be attributed to our current and former GMs. Modrak and his staff have come up with some later-round steals - Angelo Crowell (fourth), Terrence McGee (fourth), and last year's starting trio of Kyle Williams (fifth), Keith Ellison (sixth) and Terrance Pennington (seventh) are just a few examples. As long as the scouting department and the coaching staff/GM are on the same page (as was the case last year, when Buffalo's draft was by far the deepest in the league as far as rookie playing time went), Modrak would be a good hire for any club.
Update [2007-4-26 11:20:48 by Skin Patrol]: I contacted Bleeding Green Nation to get his informed take on Modrak, and he came back at me with some very interesting material. Posted with his permission:
I have some mixed feelings on him. He was basically pushed out as the GM here in an interesting power play by Andy Reid to more or less take over the organization. The word is that Reid and Mordak were at odds over which QB to pick in the 99 draft. Reid reportedly wanted McNabb and Modrak favored Akili Smith. How much of that is true is hard to say... The drafts that he was in charge of here were typically solid at the top, but weak in the later rounds. He made some good first and second round picks that turned into pro bowlers like Tra Thomas, Jeremiah Trotter, and Corey Simon... but very few if any of his picks after round 2 made any significant contribution to the team. John Welbourn, an OG, that spent some time here and has had a decent career in KC might be the exception. All in all the Eagles weren't all that good when he was here and he was pushed out right about the time things started to turn around. Oddly enough, maybe the Eagles best draft of all time happened in 2002, the year after Modrak left. The Eagles drafted 3 pro bowlers and 4 starters in the first 3 rounds that year. As for a grade, I'd give Modrak an incomplete. He didn't have alot of time here to build the team and when Reid got here the rumor was that Modrak's role was marginalized. So the guy in reality may have only been "in charge" for about 2 years or so. That's not enough of a sample size to really judge.
Buffalo Bills Assistant General Manager Tom Modrak is rumored to be heading out of town after this year, but where will he end up? Per
This is expected to be Tom Modrak's last draft with Buffalo. The former Eagles personnel boss, if he wants to keep working, may land on his feet somewhere (Houston, Washington). Then again, he may just retire to his home in Florida.
Not exactly a vote of confidence that he'll be a Redskin, as sources aren't even listed, but I would welcome him to the team. Per Real Football 365:
...[Bills GM Marv Levy will] have player personnel genius Tom Modrak by his side. The Bills' assistant GM, Modrak has built a reputation as one of the best college talent evaluators in the league. He's been scouting in the NFL since 1973, so he has the experience and intelligence that it takes to select the right players. He spent four years as the Philadelphia Eagles ' Director of Football Operations between 1998 and 2001, where he's most remembered for drafting quarterback Donovan McNabb No. 5 overall in 1999. Although Modrak faced immediate scrutiny from Eagles fans for the pick, McNabb has proven him right by leading Philly to four straight NFC Championship Game bids, while making five Pro Bowl trips.
I just looked over the rest of his picks over that period, and no one really jumped out at me. Then again, that was 9 years ago. What does jump out at me is that Modrak joined the team in 1998 the Eagles were 3-13, and when he left they were 11-5.

Thoughts on Modrak?