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Curse you, The Big Lead!

In today's installment of Out of the Basement, Onto the Game: NFL Edition, complements Mr. Irrelevant, Brother L of The Big Lead (one of the greatest Sports Blogs on the Tubenet, evidenced by Colin Cowherd Schrutebag's obviously penis envy motivated attack against it) recounts his favorite in-person sporting moment -- a 'Skins game incidentally:

Brother L, The Big Lead and FanHouse

The Redskins were playing the Saints a few years ago in DC. Don't remember much due to the excessive amounts of booze that were consumed in the parking lot. Had great end zone seats. When the cheerleaders came out, I went to the area near the tunnel and yelled, 'Sarah!' Of course out of 30 chicks, one is going to be Sarah (it might have been Amy or Jen), so one of them turn around and look our way. A buddy and I crack up laughing as the cheerleader leans to her friend to try and discern who the hell I was.

At halftime of that game, the Saints players were coming through the tunnel, and I start yelling s--- at Aaron Brooks of the Saints. Something about how UVa wasn't s---. He clearly heard and flicked me off. Then came Michael Lewis, the UPS guy who had earlier in the game returned a punt for a score. I kept saying how slow he was, 'You're slow! I ran a faster 40 time in high school!' and weak stuff like that. He goes, 'Watch, I'm gonna get me another.'

Second half,  he runs a punt back for a score, his second of the game.

The game was this utter disaster circa 2002, when the Saints bent us over in a most unnatural manner.

Lewis, who up til that moment had been driving Beer Trucks, was a 29 year old rookie who we gave up 356 yards and 2 touchdowns against. We were that bad (7-9 bad... golly I miss those days!). Why Brother L had to so blatantly insult the Football Gods first by playing a trick on a lovely cheerleader and then by tempting a working class NFL star to do the unthinkable, I haven't the foggiest. Ill-advised Brother!

Actually it was Patrick Ramsey's fault, with a little help from our awful 2002 Offense. Witness our first four posessions:

S.Davis left end to WAS 8 for -2 yards
P.Ramsey pass incomplete to K.Lockett
P.Ramsey pass intended for R.Gardner INTERCEPTED

We can bounce back!

P.Ramsey pass incomplete to K.Lockett
P.Ramsey pass INTERCEPTED by S.Knight at WAS 35

Who was that intended for? We can bounce back!

S.Davis right guard to WAS 22 for 3 yards
S.Davis up the middle to WAS 25 for 3 yards (G.Jackson). FUMBLES (also: PENALTY on WAS-C.Samuels Unnecessary Roughness 15 yards enforced at WAS 30)

Screwing up is a team effort. We can bounce back!

P.Ramsey sacked at WAS 4 for -8 yards
S.Davis right guard to WAS 9 for 5 yards
P.Ramsey pass intended for R.Gardner INTERCEPTED

Ramsey wasted no time throwing an interception on the first play of the next drive, though thankfully the play was reversed by a Defensive holding penalty. Still, you have to admire just how bad our offense played. Or alternatively you could just blame in on TBL.