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Worst all-time first-round picks list

Per Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports. We came oh-so-close to avoiding this list, though snuck in at #30 and #31:

30. Andre Johnson, T, Washington Redskins (1996)
Marcus Nash and Craig Powell were bad picks, but Johnson was a disaster. Not only was he a first-round pick, but then-general manager Charley Casserly traded a third-round pick to move up to this spot to take him. By the time training camp was over, the Redskins knew they had made a big mistake. He never played a single regular season game with Washington, and Casserly would later admit to "forcing the guy up the draft board." No kidding! He was cut after his rookie year and picked up by Detroit, but his entire career consisted of three games.
No argument here.
32. Patrick Ramsey, QB, Washington Redskins (2002)
OK, so it seems a little harsh to drop Ramsey here considering he has thrown more touchdowns (34) than interceptions (29) in his career. And he did start and have an oh-so-brief flourish with the Redskins. But up to now, he qualifies as little more than Steve Spurrier's busted project. He does still have some time to turn it around, but it's been over two years since Ramsey has seen significant playing time, and he fell to No. 3 on the Jets' depth chart last season. His strong arm and experience will keep him on the backup rungs for a few more years, but he'll probably never be more than that. Which, in first round terms, is a miss.
My initial reaction was Are you out of your %@$# mind? And then I realized that there's only been five 32nd 1st round picks in NFL history, and they are: Ramsey, Tyler "Nut Cracker" Brayton, Ben Watson, Logan Mankins, and Mathias Kiwanuka. That's fair, I guess.