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Divison III player? Pfft, why not.

Last week I made an entire post on behalf of East Central University's Curtis Lilly's visit to the Redskins, despite the fact that it's a 99% near certainty that the Division II Punter won't end up a Redskin.

So why not Division III Shenandoah University in Winchester's Anthony Hayes?

But Paul Barnes, coach at Shenandoah, never stopped recruiting Hayes.

"My plan was to go there, play one year, then transfer to a Division I school," Hayes said. "I talked to my coaches about it, and they persuaded me to stay. They said that if you can play, the NFL will find you.

"I realize now that maybe I should have transferred, but I have no regrets."

Hayes saw plenty of action in that all-star game. He has worked out for NFL scouts twice this spring and took part in the Washington Redskins' recent evaluation camp for area players.

What does he have going for him?
Hayes has the "measurables" NFL teams seek in a safety and special-teams player. He's 6-1, weighs 214, has speed (4.48 unofficially in the 40-yard dash), 11.08 in the 100-meter dash and does not mind contact.
Despite all that, there's virtually no chance Hayes makes an NFL team at all, let alone Your Washington Redskins. Still, I'm a root-for-the-underdog type guy and would love to be able to look back and say "Oh I totally predicted this guy would be a Redskin back in April. I'm a scouting genius." Just ignore all the parts where I said it wouldn't happen.