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Is Quinn the golden ticket for a trade down?

Per The World Wide Leader's Todd McShay per Michael David Smith of AOL Fanhouse and Football Outsiders and occasionally Fox Sports and PFT now (Jeebus, does this guy ever sleep? He's like a Football Writing prodigy machine):

ESPN's Todd McShay said on a radio appearance this morning that Quinn will fall no further than sixth. That spot is currently owned by the Redskins, but according to McShay, if Quinn is still on the board at that point, the Dolphins and Redskins will swap first-round picks so the Dolphins can take Quinn.
McShay is famous to me for having super secret ultimate Insider Mock Drafts that I can't access because I'm too poor to pony up the $7 dollars a month (or whatever) to get World Wide Leader Insider Access, which means the only ESPN I get is essentially their front page. But I love me some Trade Down rumoring! It is no secret that the Dolphins covet Quinn and could trade up to #6 to get him. And I hope they do, as #9 would definitely still provide either Anderson or Adams or Okoye or Landry or multiple of the above and I would be a happy camper with any of them. And then we wouldn't have to pay a (likely D-Linemen) defensive player #6 money.

But then MDS has to shit in my cereal:

I'm not convinced. The key is whether new Dolphins coach Cam Cameron wants to tie his future in Miami to Quinn, because if you use a Top 10 pick on a quarterback, you're basically announcing that this guy is going to be the key to your team's plans going forward. And although I'm not quite as down on Quinn as many analysts have been lately, I just don't see why Cameron would want to do that. I'm not saying the Dolphins won't take Quinn, but it doesn't seem like a good fit to me.
Curse you tri-named Football Prodigy! Do not ruin a good rumor with your reason and suggestion, rather learn to love that Miami wants Quinn so my beloved 'Skins can trade themselves out of a difficult situation for some additional picks and cheaper players.

Does anyone else think Amobi Okoye and Jamaal Anderson will still be available at #9? I think we might even be able to trade down further if someone wants Okoye. I suspect Atlanta takes Landry at #8 and someone else snags Gaines Adams early on.