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Landry stock with Redskins climbing

Per Jason La Canfora in this morning's Post:

Landry's talent and potential are beyond debate, but executives from several other teams say they wonder how well he might mesh with starting safety Sean Taylor and whether addressing needs on the defensive line, which faltered against the run and failed to muster much of a pass rush last season, isn't more urgent. Still, sources said, there is strong internal support at Redskins Park for Landry, a Louisiana State player who had a particularly strong workout for Redskins officials last Monday in Baton Rouge.
I don't know if the Redskins should make their picks based off of what other teams think, though given our recent history with certain personnel decisions, we clearly know less than the competition. Kidding.

I suspect that a lot of the support comes from our recent history in drafting at this (kind of) position. Sean Taylor is unquestionably the best drafted player of the Joe Gibbs era -- I think this works in Landry's favor. He also happens to be the consensus best at his position, something untrue for our other options. Amobi Okoye has climbed up many charts as the chic DT pick, though Alan Branch still turns some heads given (irrational) concerns about Okoye's maturity. Jamaal Anderson and Gaines Adams wrestle over who will be this year's best DE, with no clear winner distinguishing themself. But LaRon Landry stands alone among Safeties (and Defensive Backs in general) as the accordant best among Draft "experts".

Landry and defensive tackle Amobi Okoye (Louisville) are the most likely choices should the Redskins retain the sixth pick -- the team could still trade up or down.
We've had a fair bit of discussion on this exact topic, with Hogs Haven contributor Burgundy and Gold playing advocate for Landry while TexSkins makes a partial case for D-Lineman.

How that debate ends internally at Redskins Park, we'll see on Saturday. Until then here's an argument against Landry provided by "a high-ranking official from an NFC team":

"...with your safeties you want one guy to be a stabilizer -- a steady, heady guy who can make the calls and get everyone lined up and keep everyone together. From what we've seen and what we know, that's not Landry. He's not that cerebral, he can be a little immature. I know for us, say, we wouldn't want to play two Ed Reed types or [Troy] Polamalu types together. You can't have two gamblers back there, two safeties who will get away from the scheme and do their own thing sometimes, and from what we know about Taylor, I would be a little worried those two [Landry and Taylor] playing together. I'm just not sure how well that would work."
We'll see. Again, I don't want to take drafting cues from an NFC opponent, perhaps one we're either playing this year (NFC East?) or a party vying for Landry that picks below us. I present the case for discussion, though it doesn't compel me that much. Personally, I'd love to have two Sean Taylor's at Safety. I'd build the rest of the defensive personnel around those two players to better take advantage of their relative physical and talent dominance.

The argument in favor of Landry, provided complements the team:

the Redskins view Landry as an elite talent -- a natural strong safety who could play free safety in the NFL. They believe that within their scheme Landry could thrive in coverage and as a blitzing presence and that Landry's versatility would make him a good fit with Taylor... and his presence could help reverse what was a foundering secondary in 2006...
Does all of this mean we're taking Landry in a week's time? No, there are still plenty of options available and I remain committed to a trade down. But if we stay at #6, I think Landry might get the nod over Okoye. This article could just as easily have been written about Amobi Okoye, as he's drawn significant interest among the organization. That it wasn't is evidence (to me at least) that Landry should get the nod, barring draft movement.

Is that what would be best for Your Washington Redskins in 2007? I leave that debate to my non-existant reader(s), take it away.

Other blogs on Landry:

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Ryan Wilson at Football Outsiders, who also deserves a Hat Tip on this, reminds that Landry doesn't at all address the woeful Redskins Defensive Line.