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Rumor: Carolina trades Kris Jenkins to Washington?

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins

Remember the source, so take this however you want. But the Great Blue North Draft Report has this to say:

There are also some rumblings that Washington might be willing to deal the 6th pick overall to Carolina in exchange for the 14th selection and DT Kris Jenkins...
Treating this as truth, which I recognize could very well be a waste of time, I'm not against this deal. Kris Jenkins was a Pro Bowler last year and, despite some injuries in 2004-2005, has been productive throughout his career. He's just 27 so it isn't like we're going after an old veteran to replace old veterans. My two immediate hangups are that I don't know how much he's going to cost and I doubt we can trade down from the #14 spot to pick up additional picks.

I need to put some additional thought in this so, in the meantime (and presuming it develops from rumor to something more -- if it doesn't who cares?): Reader(s), would you take Kris Jenkins and the #14th for the #6 pick?