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Draft Day Party

A bit late, though still plenty of time for reader(s) to register for the FedEx Draft Day Party. Zee details per the Official Site:

When: Saturday, April 28
Where: FedExField, Gate A
Time: Doors open at 11am, the party continues to 6pm
Free Admission! Free Parking! Free Raffle!
Free admission! Free Parking! Free time aplenty too, as the 'Skins don't really do anything after the #6 pick. In round 2 the Bears will pick on the Jets behalf on our behalf. That pick was traded so we could scoop Rocky McIntosh. In round 3 the Broncos will pick on our behalf. And finally, San Fransisco will pick on our behalf in the 4th round thanks to Brandon Lloyd.

The good news is you might get to rub elbows with some of your favorite Redskins players:

Redskins players expected to attend the Draft Day Party include Jason Campbell, Fred Smoot, Andre Carter, Mike Sellers, Rock Cartwright, Rocky McIntosh and Shaun Suisham. (List of players attending is subject to change.)

Head coach Joe Gibbs is also expected to fly to FedExField via helicopter to greet fans at the Draft Day Party. (Draft schedule permitting).

As much as I love Andre Carter and how he played towards the end of last year, I'm not sure I really want to meet the guy. Frankly he scares the hell out of me and I feel as though looking directly into his eyes can cause severe and irreversible blindness. Also I mostly just drank Malk as a kid, and a firm handshake from Carter could break all the bones in my hand, or worse. Regarding the other attendees, the only person who scares me more than Carter is Fred Smoot because I don't know what he might try to do to me. Insert generic Boat-scandal reference (he said insert!)

I do hope that one of the non-existant Hogs Haven reader(s) makes it out there to represent this great Blog at the Draft Day party. I'll be zombie style kungfu in front of my Television all Saturday and Sunday as I view every boring minute of the NFL draft -- why, I don't know. The draft is essentially hours of unnecessary over analyzation almost entirely of players going to teams I don't really care about. With the 'Skins suffering a pick drought, this year will be especially boring, even by draft standards. I may end up trying to fit my entire hand in mouth to alleviate the tiresomeness of it all. Or simply pounding a bunch of beers -- or both. We'll see how things go.