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More lists, etc.

The Washington Redskins drafted Keenan McCardell, who knew. He was good for 12th (which also happens to be the round we selected him in) on Sports Illustrated's Best Draft Bargains of the Past 20 years:

Even though McCardell left UNLV as the school's all-time leading receiver, NFL teams weren't interested in the 6-foot-1 wideout. The Redskins picked him up late, which was fortunate for McCardell, who learned from Art Monk and Gary Clark. After bouncing around the league, McCardell landed in Jacksonville and became one of the NFL's most consistent No. 2 receivers. In 2002, McCardell caught two TDs to lead the Bucs to a Super Bowl championship.
We also snuck in at 20th, complements Stephen Davis:
Davis didn't get a chance to work out at the combine because of a knee injury, which explains how he fell to the fourth round. His breakout season came in 1999, when he led the NFC with 1,045 yards. In 2001 he set Washington's single-season record for rushing yards (1,432). Davis went to Carolina in '03, set a personal-best mark with 1,444 yards rushing and helped the Panthers reach the Super Bowl.
Ignoring for a moment that other teams get to take our draft picks to the Super Bowl, let Stephen Davis' bad draft day luck be a cautionary tale against giving up on a pick for injury concerns. Michael Bush is this year's Davis (though he probably won't fall to the 4th round) and will likely make some team very pleased to have him.

We also made another list, one I wish we hadn't. Take it away Heath Shulder:

Heath Shuler | QB, No. 3 overall, Washington Redskins, 1994

Shuler displayed all the tools at Tennessee, but he never understood the nuances of an NFL offense while in Washington. He played 19 lackluster games in three seasons with the Redskins before being displaced by Gus Frerotte. Shuler was traded to the Saints, where he lasted just one year.

Speaking of Gus Frerotte, check out this awesome Frerotte is Fr' Real shirt. I want it, and he certainly was.