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Speaking of good picks...

Earlier today I posted the Redskins relevant portions of Michael David Smith's 32 best draft picks of all time. Heading into the Draft at the end of this month, everyone and their mother (and her mother too) publishes one or two or a hundred of these lists, and The Worldwide Leader is no exception. They've been publishing the top 10 #10 picks, the top 10 #9 picks, etc. once daily and I've just been jonesing for a Redskins blurb to put here. Finally, mercifully, the Redskins squeeze in at #7:

3. CB Champ Bailey (1999) -- Redskins
The book is just starting to be written on Bailey, who tied for the NFL lead with 10 interceptions last season. Drafted by the Redskins, the former Georgia Bulldog was dealt to Denver in 2004. After a difficult first season, he has emerged as the best cornerback in football ever since. Bailey has been named to seven straight Pro Bowls, totaling 39 interceptions in eight seasons.
Of course, the bad news is that we look kind of sort of foolish for letting him go. Though had I to do it all again, I wouldn't have changed anything. I love me some Coach Janky Spanky.