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Gibbs: Off field trouble a big deal

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Per Mark Maske at the Post:

Many NFL team officials say they will be less likely to draft players who misbehave off the field because of the league's new conduct policy, which allows Commissioner Roger Goodell to impose lengthy suspensions on misbehaving players and punish clubs with significant numbers of offenders.
Will this affect Your Washington Redskins draft strategy?
"I think it's a big deal," Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said. "I think people are, to be truthful, tired of getting up in the morning and picking up the paper and reading about somebody in trouble. . . . Generally, that's the only thing that gets people's attention: If you cross this line and you get caught, then you're going to get the following results. Obviously, you've got to have educational stuff and you've got to have programs and all that kind of stuff. But I think in the end, it's got to have teeth to it."
I would've figured that, after waking up the first time to find one of your players had been arrested, a Coach would already be tired of their behavior. That's the kind of nonsense that gets old quick.

I am not going to sermonize about player behavior, though. A precedent has been set by the Commissioner as regards Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, and that will influence GMs and Coaches (or in our case "Team Presidents" and "Vice President-Elect of Food and Beverage Washing Services" or something). Do I think that means an outstanding talent with some character concerns will pass undrafted? Hell no. That will drive the value of a player down a few rounds but a top notch talent who might misbehave in the future is too good of a deal to pass on forever. Remember that Your Washington Redskins, even with a character conscious Coach like Joe Gibbs, has its own set of 2nd timers. Sean Taylor was in trouble for drunk driving and possible assault charges. Mike Sellers had some drug concerns. And of course Captain Smoot did something with something to two women who probably don't think much of their fathers. But what's a litle drunk driving/drugs/dildos? Actually surprisingly little in the mind of at least one fan, so long as I'm confident these guys have their worst behavior behind them. The truth is nothing these guys did absolutely floors me morally. As far as I can tell no one ended up paralyzed or dead. I don't condone drunk driving but I also happen to believe that people are capable of overcoming prior bad judgment.

As it relates to the draft, I hope the Redskins put the research in to investigate a player suspected of behavioral concerns. So long as we perform due diligence and draft someone honestly accounting for the risk, I'm fine taking a chance on someone who might be a behavioral risk. Alternatively, if Joe Gibbs decides no player is worth the trouble associated with them, I'd respect and honor that decision as well.

I fully recognize this is a contentious issue among fans and I encourage discussion on it in the comments section below.