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Redskins Vs. Cowboys Rivalry -- The Video

The video advertises itself as: "A fair and balanced look at the historic rivalry between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys." Although I was skeptical, I applaud the author of the video, one "Coach Janky Spanky" (clearly in tribute to the brilliant Clinton Portis character), for delivering on his promise. Despite his partiality for the Redskins, he endeavored to provide a fair and unbiased video of this storied rivalry. And he delivered; the short movie shows only Redskins-Cowboys clips that are relevant towards an objective judgment of the rivalry without any of the emotional fluff we're all guilty of enjoying. That said, I leave to reader(s) to witness for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I consider this a Cinematic Masterpiece akin to The Godfather, or even Krull. Enjoy.

Clearly there is no agenda. This is just a compelling and noteworthy compilation of video facts. HTTR.