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Baseball is also a sport (right?)

Unrelated to Redskins, I feel like briefly advertising for some of my Baseball Blogging colleagues, as apparently the season started today. For the record, I don't watch baseball.

If you're a big fan of the Nationals, then definitely check out:

Federal Baseball

Blogger Basil has his predictions up and he's a better writer/blogger/(probably) human being than I am. I'm also struck by how much more cynical Nats' bloggers are than me, since they have no problem predicting disaster when -- I thought -- none yet loomed. I guess that's a credibility thing. I'm not afraid to shamelessly remain hopeful in my predictions because I don't really think people would take me seriously anyways. 16-0 + Superbowl. Go 'Skins.

Also don't forget to check out the Curly W which is related to Hogs Haven amigo Curly R. Again, Brandon (who also blogs on the Redskins occasionally) predicts impending disaster: 65-97. That's what Basil has as well. Even after a disastrous 5-11 season I think I am physically incapable of predicting anything worse than 9-7 for the 'Skins. Maybe if they get Lance Briggs by ignoring the pass rush this offseason...

I also feel like giving a shout out to Camden Chat, SBN's resident Baltimore Orioles Blogger. Hogs Haven contributor Zknower hails from Camden Chat and was enormously helpful to me when this Blog was just a kid. By the way, we got our 100,000th Unique Page View earlier this week.

If you guys are into Baseball, SportsBlog Nation has something for everyone. When reading some of the MLB Blogs I'm always a bit embarrassed over how the quality of my slice of paradise pales in comparison. Reader(s), go do yourself a favor and stop watching baseball check out some of what the great SBN Baseball Blogs have to offer.