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Preseason Schedule

Update [2007-4-2 17:20:33 by Skin Patrol]: released some of the TV Schedules. Tennessee game is on NFL Network on August 11th.
Redskins' Preseason Schedule was announced today at the Official Site:
Redskins 2007 Preseason Schedule
Aug. 11 @ Tennessee Titans 8 p.m. ET
Aug. 9-12 Pittsburgh Steelers* TBD
Aug. 16-19 Baltimore Ravens* TBD
Aug. 30 @ Jacksonville Jaguars* TBD
Opening against Vince Young's Titans, who beat us last October. Revenge shall be ours. But hopefully the Jaguars won't enjoy thrilling vengence on our entertaining overtime win against them in week three. Or, as I like to call it, that time Santana Moss told the Jaguars: Hell No. Everyone else's preseason schedule should be listed at later.

We don't really try in the preseason, as Joe Gibbs is just 4-9 since returning to the NFL. That includes an especially embarrassing, and painfully augural, '06 preseason where we lost four in a row by a combined total of 27-104. (Not) Good times.

On a related note, I'm looking forward to blogging it out with Hogs Haven friend and fellow SBN Site Behind the Steel Curtain when the Redskins host the Steelers in our Preseason Home Opener at FedEx Field April 9th (or 10th or 11th or 12th...)