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Rumor: Redskins want the Lions pick

Hat tip: Extreme Skins

Per PFT:

[A source with knowledge of the situation] says that the Lions also are talking to the Redskins and Falcons about a possible trade of first-round, top-ten picks.  And the Cardinals (we're told) contacted the Lions for the first time on Wednesday to discuss the spot.

The Redskins hold the No. 6 pick...

The source also says that the Lions are confused by the Redskins' interest in moving up, since Washington doesn't have many other 2007 picks to offer.  In addition to the sixth overall selection, the 'Skins have a fifth-round pick, two sixth-round picks, and a seventh-round selection.

Confused is right, as the 'Skins have nothing to offer Detroit. I'm flabbergasted that the Redskins are even interested in moving up, as there isn't anyone at a need position that we'd want to justify said move. Calvin Johnson might be a once in a lifetime player (on the other hand, he might not) but he cannot rush the passer. Or are we so quick to give up on Jason Campbell for JeMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn?

I don't want to spend too much time on this as I think it cannot possibly go anywhere, not because the Redskins are smart enough to avoid such a transaction but rather because monstrously bad decisions of the past two years have robbed them of the necessary trading currency to make it work -- even the Lions can see that. The moral of the story is that there's a ceiling to the extent the Redskins can hurt themselves by trading away draft picks, if only because teams have a finite amount of draft picks to throw away. But in case you were thinking we weren't overly frivolous with our 2nd (and 6th rounder in 2006), 3rd (and 4th rounder next year?), and 4th (and 3rd round selection in 2006) round picks in 2007, here's what they got us:

TJ Duckett:
38 carries 132 yards 2 TDs
Brandon Lloyd:
23 receptions 365 yards crickets chirping
Rocky McIntosh (though no fault of his own; they wouldn't play him!):
28 tackles

Here are some wildly popular players with comparable numbers from 2006 (no offense to any of these guys):
Musa Smith
Ruvell Martin
Terrence Melton