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Lavar Arrington likely to retire

Per Redskins Insider:

I continue to hear that LaVar Arrington is going to hang it up from multiple sources and have been trying to get his agent on the phone the last few days to confirm.
Hat Tip to Dan Benton at AOL Fanhouse, who also had this to add:
Although he only played a few games in blue, I can honestly say I feel bad for him. Despite the reputation he had coming out of Washington, he always seemed like a team player in New York. He was good with the media, great with the fans and had a fantastic sense of humor.
All of that is consistent with the kind of player he was in Washington. For a time he was the face of the franchise and one of the most entertaining, beloved athletes in D.C. How quickly he fell out of favor with the staff and, consequently, with many of the fans was shocking and unfortunate. While I think there were things he could have done differently after leaving Washington (like that nonsense with the playbooks?), I choose to remember the good times. Arrington's recent injuries and precipitous fall from grace will never depose his positive contributions. Like this totally sweet Car Commercial!!!:

Eas-terrrrrrrrn Motors!!!! You better stay down!