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Draft Day trade possibilities

Hat tip: Running Redskins

Ryan O'Halloran at zee Times mentions those teams with boatloads of first day picks and how they might make some moves. First let me caveat this post by pointing out how depressing it is to read about a 14 win San Diego team having four times as many day one picks as Your Washington Redskins. How does that happen? How does San Fransisco accumulate eight of them??? Oh, right...

Anyways, Ryan has some excellent points and insight on Atlanta, NYJ, Oakland, San Diego, San Fransisco, and Tampa Bay. I am pretty sure the Bucs aren't going to trade down with us to pick up CJ, as word is they covet the Georgia Tech Wide Receiver. I don't want the 'Skins to trade with Oakland, so I'm shoving my head in the sand on that. It's conceivable that we'd trade with San Diego or the Jets though that would be likely only happen after we'd already moved down significantly, so that situation is far too contingent to speculate on right now. That leaves San Fransisco (11th) and Atlanta (8th) as legitimate immediate trade down partners. Per Ryan:

5. San Francisco (eight of the first 135 -- Nos. 11, 42, 76, 97, 104, 110, 124 and 135)
    The 49ers have four of the first 97 picks after adding CB Nate Clements, S Michael Lewis, LB Tully Banta-Cain and WR Ashley Lelie, the second-worst starting receiver in the league last year after the Redskins' Brandon Lloyd. Texas CB Aaron Ross would be a great pick at No. 11 to play opposite Clements. After that, the 49ers are in prime position to slide up several spots in rounds 2-4 because of their myraid picks.
They've stockpiled some picks, assisted in that endeavor by the 'Skins when we traded for Brandon Lloyd. I think the 49ers are just fine at 11 and I doubt whether they'll trade for us, but perhaps they'd move up to get Amobi Okoye. Total speculation warning. Niners Nation selected Alan Branch at the #11 spot and, perhaps if he continues his free fall on scouting boards, the 49ers will decide that Defensive Tackle is best answered by the 19 year old from Nigeria. If he's available at the #6 spot, perhaps San Fransisco will give us a call (they should have no trouble affording a trade up what with all their picks). Fingers crossed.

The better option here is actually Atlanta, as it was rumored as recently as yesterday that they're interested in Landry and Okoye (who both may fall to #6). Per Ryan:

1. Atlanta (three of the first 44 picks -- Nos. 8, 39 and 44)
    The Falcons picked up a second-rounder from Houston in the Matt Schaub trade. Coach Bobby Petrino reportedly covets his former Louisville player, DT Amobi Okoye, although it's not a glaring need. This could help the Redskins if they're willing to move two spots down for, say, the 39th pick. The Falcons also need receiver help.
Atlanta is in a situation where one or both of the players they want will not survive to the #8, though they have two picks in the 2nd round to throw towards a trade.

I said it yesterday and I will say it again. The Redskins would be wise to really start cranking out the heavy rhetoric on both Okoye and Landry as all-star prospects the team is set on. An Atlanta's (example) willingness to trade up is dependent on the extent to which they think their guy won't be available when their pick comes up. We make it absolutely clear that the #6 gets burned on Okoye or else Landry and both might be gone by #8.

Is that actually the case? I doubt it. I think Okoye or Landry will fall especially if we don't pick either of them. But we won't help our trade down cause if we can't convince the teams below us that they need what we've got, right?