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Vote on the Redskins record in 2007

Hat Tip: Buc 'Em.

So ESPN Sportsnation is soliciting fans, again, for thoughts on their teams' projected schedule. Needless to say most fan projections last year were hopeless, as ESPN points out:

2006 SportsNation Prediction: 12-4
2006 Washington Redskins record: 5-11

When you fall 11 wins short in your predictions you make it really hard for us to defend you. Yes, Mark Brunell played well the year before, as did the defense, and Clinton Portis and Santana Moss were spectacular in 2005. But to expect this team to go 14-2, and 6-0 in the division was crazy. It is extremely rare for NFC East teams to go undefeated within the division. In the end Brunell struggled, Portis got hurt, the defense was woeful, and the division was a lot more competitive than SportsNation expected, which resulted in some terrible prognosticating on your part.

The fans actually predicted a 14-2 finish, with losses against just the Colts and Panthers. Most embarrassing:
1) Game 1: Monday, Sept. 11 vs. Minnesota (7 p.m. ET, ESPN)
92.6% Win
7.4% Loss

6) Game 6: Oct. 15 vs. Tennessee
94.1% Win
5.9% Loss

We lost both games. Given last year's dismal performance, I'm going to play it as safe and realistic as my Burgundy colored glasses will allow. I have us splitting the division 3-3, winning all home games except the Bears, losing to the Jets, Patriots, and Vikings away, and beating Green Bay and Tampa away.

Sep 9 Miami - W
Sep 17 @Philadelphia - L
Sep 23 N.Y. Giants - W
Oct 7 Detroit - W
Oct 14 @Green Bay - W
Oct 21 Arizona - W
Oct 28 @New England - L
Nov 4 @N.Y. Jets - L
Nov 11 Philadelphia - W
Nov 18 @Dallas - L
Nov 25 @Tampa Bay - W
Dec 2 Buffalo - W
Dec 6 Chicago - W
Dec 16 @N.Y. Giants - L
Dec 23 @Minnesota - L
Dec 30 Dallas - W

That is an incredibly optimistic and not at all likely 10-6, and that's as far as my bias will allow for now. As of this posting the current vote has us at 11-5. I wish.