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New Poll: Schedule

First, the results from the last poll:

Pleased. We filled enough needs to enter the draft hopeful. 38 votes - 37 %
I am far too rational to be sucked into answering this overly simplistic question until the offseason is complete. Piss on you, Skin Patrol. 22 votes - 21 %
Thrilled. We didn't go on a spending spree. 14 votes - 13 %
Ambivalent. I found this site while searching for Cheerleader pictures. 12 votes - 11 %
Flustered. We spent too much on old guys. 10 votes - 9 %
Angry. We didn't spend enough. I want to win EVERY offseason. 6 votes - 5 %

In glorious Redskins tradition you mostly remained pleased with this offseason, and I concur. There were some scares there, specifically with the Lance Briggs trade, but tragedy was avoided and I think we came out smelling like roses this offseason. There was some dissent on that to the tune of 14% of the vote, though those were split among people who felt we spent too much and those who feel we didn't do enough. A good portion of you literally agreed with the statement "Piss on you, Skin Patrol", which vexes me. That's right, I'm a bit vexed.

We've got the Draft coming up though I think we've polled that thing ad nauseum. Mock Drafts and fans are simply too volatile from week to week and month to month to accurately peg the "right" (in this case popular) draft pick with a vote. Rather than participating in that futile excercise, Hogs Haven focuses its attention on zee 2007 schedule.

So reader(s), when will the Redskins lose their first home game? Answer below and post your thoughts/justifications/recipes in the comments section.