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Redskins Cheerleader tryouts

Hat tip: Extreme Skins

Per John Cell at Skinscast:

The 2007 Washington Redskins Cheerleaders final auditions were held Sunday at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse. A crowd of approximately 250 people gathered on a windy, wet, Sunday afternoon to see who would round-out the new squad. This was a limited paid admission event, although in years past free to the public.
Who'd we lose?
Only 3 returning girls from the 2006 squad did not make the final cut. Kelly N., Ginger and Alexandra...

Missing from the finals this year was last years' Pro Bowl representative Kimberly. Also missing were longtime veterans Onya, Christine, Genienne, Jennifer and Lauren, as well as Brittany, Rachel, Tonya and Michae'.

Though I'm certain these lovely women will be replaced by... lovely women, and best of luck to them, they will be missed. You can do your own investigating to see which one of these is the biggest loss, though I'd have to say it's Brittany:


Anyways, John Cell got plenty of good pictures that you can see here.

So did the Professional Cheerleader Blog (bookmark that) including one of the apparently Official Washington Redskins Cocktail Dress:

Looks official to me.

Update [2007-4-17 14:31:16 by Skin Patrol]: How could I neglect to mention this? As Sportz Assassin reminded me, Your Washington Redskins Cheerleaders won the 2006 Beauties On the Beach Challenge in Mortal Kombat over all the other NFL's cheerleaders. So we won something last year. Also click the AOL Fanhouse link above for an awesomely deprived video of fan ogling a Redskins cheerleader. Hail to your lack of shame, sir. I support that.