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Curtis Lilly is some guy and he's visiting with the Redskins

Not especially interesting news, but news nonetheless. All American ECU (that's East Central University... of the Lone Star Conference) Punter Curtis Lilly says he's going to visit with the Redskins:

Lilly, who has worked on his strength training and his hang time since the season ended, said he has already kicked for several scouts and plans to attend mini-camp with the Washington Redskins after the draft later this month ...
So never you worry about us burning a draft pick on him. I have no problem bringing in someone to compete with Derrick Frost, though I'm fine with him heading into '07 as well. If reader(s) absolutely need their Curtis Lilly fix, this article should do the trick...

Alright what the hell, why not, here's some Lilly cheerleading:

Lilly, a 6-5, 225-pound senior out of McIntyre, Iowa, topped the nation (NCAA Division II) in punting this season with a 45.2 average on 46 punts. His longest punt traveled 68 yards and seven of his boots ended up inside the opposition's 20-yard line.

Fourteen of Lilly's punts went 50 yards or better and three of his kicks traveled 60-plus yards. He also had boots of 65 and 61 yards.

Just remember, Hogs Haven is your one stop shop for all Washington Redskins Division 2 Punting Prospect updates. No rumor or suggestion is too meaningless, tangential, hypothetical or trivial to escape mention here. Thank me later.