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Atlanta (allegedly) wants to trade up to get Landy

Hat tip: Extreme Skins

Per what I think is the New York Jets official site:

Atlanta is taking a hard look at LSU safety  LaRon Landry but will have to get ahead of Minnesota at No. 7 to get him. Look for Washington to be a potential partner. The Redskins could still get the DT they need at No. 8.
I don't know why the Jets site would be a credible source on what Atlanta is thinking of doing, but since I'm so smitten with the idea of trading down for additional picks I have every intention of treating this rumor as if it's already happened.

A trade from #6 to #8 would be worth 200 draft points which, incidentally, is about the same as Atlanta's third round pick (75th overall). I would take that deal in a heart beat, if they'd offer it. I would also throw in a 7th (or even 6th) rounder if Atlanta needed additional coaxing.

As a matter of fact, since I'm certain that either Okoye or Adams or Anderson will be available at the #8 spot, meaning I really don't think we lose much value, I'd probably be willing to trade down with Atlanta for their fourth rounder, essentially leaving 100 someodd DVP (Draft Value Points!) on the table. All of that being contingent on Landry falling, which he should, and Atlanta getting itself sufficiently aroused over him as a prospect. Did I just say that?

Actual trade down situations haven't materialized anywhere, nor has much interest been expressed in teams moving up for anyone besides Calvin Johnson. The gloomy news both from the media and from my own failed attempt to trade down in the SBNation Mock Draft has been that virtually no one wants to move up. That an actual trade down scenario has now been articulated and a prospect likely to fall to us at #6 (though not far beyond that) is generating interest from other teams is extremely welcome news to Hogs Haven as we've endorsed trading down no fewer than 36 times (make that 37). Will we shut up about it already? Not until the draft.