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Now that's a Draft bust...

Your Washington Redskins know a thing or two about Draft busts. Gil Brandt, who is old by old's standards, has seen an NFL Draft or two, and provided a short list of interesting anectodes. Take this, for instance:

Although the Washington Redskins drafted UCLA halfback/defensive back Cal Rossi twice in the first round (No. 9 overall in 1946 and No. 4 in 1947), he never played in an NFL regular-season game.
Now that's a draft bust. Not one but two first round picks burned on a player who never even saw the field. Per a dated Scout article:
B Cal Rossi (UCLA, drafted in 1946, #9 overall)--He wasn't eligible for the draft when the Redskins took him in '46, so they spent the third overall pick in 1947 to take Rossi again. He was not at all flattered by the gesture and never signed with the Redskins.
So they selected him in 1946 despite the fact that he was ineligible to play (just a Junior; at the time that, apparently, was not allowed) and then did it again the next year. That obviously didn't work out so hot. Per Dr. Z Rossi apparently was more interested in Graduate School than playing in the NFL, though no one told George Preston Marshall that.

So while you're banging your head against the wall, muttering gibberish and cursing Your team when the Redskins blow the 2007 draft (prepare thyselves! Hope for the best, plan for the worst I say) just remember that things could, and have, been worse.