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Redskins fewest Draft Picks in the East, shocking no one

Philly Burbs takes a look at NFC East Draft needs, and coins a should-be famous phrase for Dan Snyder's tenure as owner, emphasis mine:


First round: 6th pick

Total picks: 5

Skinny: Under owner Dan Snyder's reign of error, the Redskins have spent big on veterans and devalued the draft, and it has cost them dearly. Snyder and coach Joe Gibbs' propensity to ship picks for immediate help leaves the foundation about as shaky as Gibbs found it when he came out of retirement. The Redskins, who didn't have a first-, third- or fourth-round pick last year, don't have a second-, third-or fourth-round pick this year. Their defense dipped dramatically in '06, falling to 31st overall from ninth in '05. The 'Skins have spent their last three first selections on defense -- only one, safety Sean Taylor, is proven -- and probably will go for a pass rusher and corner early. Needing a run-stopping middle linebacker, they signed London Fletcher (31).

Reign of error... brilliant. Anyways, the Redskins have five total picks which is less than the Eagles (6), Giants (8), and Cowboys (10). And we're light at the top, as the article notes. We lack a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounder and would have had just four picks if we hadn't scooped a 6th rounder in the Adam Archuleta deal.

The first three selections mentioned were Taylor, Rogers, and Rocky McIntosh (2nd rounder; we didn't have a first round pick). Rogers had an off year in 2006 though I'm still confident he can play (and it would have been a hugely successful year had he caught half the passes that landed in his hands). McIntosh apparently couldn't impress the Coaches enough last year to get on the field up until the last two weeks, though I don't know if that is his fault for failing to produce or else a glaring Coaching error by sticking with Warrick Holdman many weeks longer than reasonable minds should have.

I really do not think the Redskins will select a Cornerback as they would likely take Landry (safety) if they select a Defensive Back at #6. I agree with the author that Pass Rusher is a need and a likely target for the team, though time will ultimately tell. The Draft could not come sooner.