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Renaldo Wynn honored at National Football League Players Gala

Per the Times:

The winner of the Whizzer White Award, named for the late Byron R. White, a Detroit Lions star prior his eminent career as a Supreme Court justice, was chosen from the 10 JB-winning players by three judges: former NFL Players Inc. President Doug Allen (now of the Screen Actors Guild), Washington Mystics President Sheila Johnson, and longtime sports show host George Michael. Mr. Brown outlined substantial contributions to their communities by all 10 nominees: Mr. [Renaldo] Wynn; Darnell Dinkins (Cleveland Browns); Donald Driver (Green Bay Packers); Ryan Nece (Tampa Bay Buccaneers); Shaun O'Hara (New York Giants); Chad Pennington (New York Jets); Duane Starks (Oakland Raiders); heartthrob Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphins); freshly retired Seattle Seahawk Grant Wistrom; and John Lynch of the Denver Broncos.
John Lynch won the award and kudos to him for his community activism. I have no doubt that all the nominees have done outstanding charity work and deserve Hogs Haven obeisance for it, as I'm an admitted sucker for that kind of thing. Speaking to Wynn's charity specifically:
Prominent among the XXL-sized tuxedos was Redskin Renaldo Wynn, accompanied by wife LaTanya. Among the numerous charitable activities of their Family of Faith Foundation, the Wynns hand out stacks of Target gift cards every year so families in need can do their holiday shopping.
Family and Faith Foundation funds a Target Card giveaway annually during the holidays. Renaldo Wynn recruits teammates to escort selected families during these shopping sprees which, as you can imagine, probably makes their day. Last December, as an example, Wynn got the D-line (and others) involved:
Among Redskins players joining Wynn were a bevy of defensive linemen, including Cornelius Griffin, Joe Salave'a, Phillip Daniels, Ryan Boschetti, Lorenzo Alexander, Demetric Evans, Joe Sykes and Andre Carter. Linebacker Jeff Posey, quarterback Mark Brunell and offensive lineman Derrick Dockery were also in attendance.