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Friday Incognito

Just wanted to inform reader(s) that I am going to be incognito this afternoon, so you might be rid of my incoherent rants for the day. I'll try and do a better job of updating Hogs Haven through the weekend, though, duty calls.

But what am I saying? This Website was never meant to be solely driven by the incoherent rants of just one incoherent ranter, but rather by the community of reader(s) through the diaries and discussions and comments. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Diaries section, especially in my absence. There's absolutely no reason any visitor of Hogs Haven should be robbed of breaking news or discussion simply because Skin Patrol is busy/sick/intoxicated/in jail/etc. There are also a few guys, Burgundy and Gold, TexSkins, and Zknower, who do an excellent job of tending shop in my absence.

So please, write up a diary or post your random thoughts in this thread. If you do manage a diary that truly and utterly blows me away, that dazzles me through its prose or insight or humor or all three, than you might just find it on the front page later on this evening with due credit to the author. And who wouldn't want their good name sullied by association with my own? Am I right?

Have a great weekend reader(s).


-Skin Patrol

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] I forgot to add that if you are starved for Redskins related content, there's certainly no shortage of that available. I absolutely endorse a good long look at the Blogroll on the left hand side of the page. Redskins fans are blessed as much or more than any other Franchise with the unrivalled quality and quantity of Blogs covering our team (do not accuse me of covering the "quality" part).