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KSK exclusive inside the Redskins War Room

Where fighting should not be allowed. Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Blogging Celebrity and Redskins victim fan Unsilent Majority unleashed his Washington Redskins War Room insider report at Kissing Suzy Kolber today. Needless to say it is a must read to get the inside scoop on your favorite franchise. A tickle:

Vinnie Cerrato: Mr. Snyder I've got our chair set up right over here at the head of the table.

Daniel Snyder: That's good Vinnie, that's very good, but where are you sitting?

Vinnie: I'll be on your lap, sir.

Snyder: Excellent

Eric Schaffer: Mr. Snyder, I need to speak with you.

Vinnie: YAP! YAP! YAP!

Eric: Sir, could we speak in private, Vinnie seems to be biting me.

Snyder: Yeah, it cost me 2 mil but I finally got him trained (maniacal laughter). OK Vinnie, down boy. Who's my good boy? Who's my cuddly little boy?

Eric: Look Mr. Snyder, I've been going over the numbers and if we acquire Asante Samuel, Lance Briggs, and LaDanian Tomlinson we'll never be able to sign JaMarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson.

Oh teh suspense!