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Shawn Springs expects to be with the team in 2007

Per an interesting Times article focused mostly on Ron Springs' (Shawn's father) recent successful kideny transplant. The two just started a campaign to raise diabetes awareness. For details please visit State of Diabetes. And on to Redskins football...

As far his own health is concerned, Shawn Springs said he's fully recovered from the sports hernia, pulled hamstring and broken shoulder that limited him to eight games last season. Having just turned 32, he's ready to make up for a lost 2006 season.
    "I'm just worried about getting myself in shape," Springs said. "You have to be thankful for your health."
    Springs doesn't see the recent additions of veteran starting cornerbacks Fred Smoot and David Macklin as an indication the Redskins plan to part with him and his $7.35 million salary cap number.
    "I expect to be in Washington this season," he said. "I'll be in shape and ready to go."
I agree with him. Even with Smoot and Macklin (?) and Rogers, there's little doubt that Springs, when healthy, is the best Cornerback on the team. The question has never been about what he does on the field -- he's a great corner -- but rather his inability to remain there.

All that said, as the article notes Springs has around 7.5M in signing bonuses protecting his nearly 7.5M cap hit. That bonus goes down to 5M next year as his overall cap hits remains fairly steady at 7.5M. Depending on how much field he sees in 2007, we might not keep him at the end of the year. If Springs misses seven games, as he did last year, there's little doubt that the Redskins seriously ask him for a paycut (again), and will follow that threat up with a cut.

Supposing for argument he has a healthy year -- and nothing would make me happier -- by 2008 the signing bonuses protecting his salary will be down to 2.5M, though his overall cap hit will have escalated to 8.5M. If he isn't cut or takes a pay cut by then, I'm pretty sure the team will let him go regardless.

Another possibility is Springs getting moved to safety, a rumor that has been swirling throughout offseason. Aaron of Harry Hog recently told me that's what he thinks will happen, and I don't want to discount the possibility. Reader(s), is Springs a Redskin in 2007? A cornerback?