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Breaking News: JC's girlfriend is sexy

A giant sized Hat Tip to Mister Irrelevant who snuck a picture of JC + Lady (+ Lady + Derrick Dockery) at the Wizards/Nets game yesterday.

Notice how Mister Irrelevant brilliantly centers picture on hot chick. That guy has a future in photography.

On the right you'll see Derrick Dockery with arms crossed and Christmas Jacket. Jason Campbell looks like he's about to throw like 18 touchdown passes with just his eyebrows. Also, notice that killer 'stache ain't going anywhere.

As Mr. Irrelevant points out, the + Lady that JC happens to be sitting next to is Miss District of Columbia, Mercedes Lindsey. I think the Miss USA Pageant will cut off my thumbs if I put any pictures of her here, so click this link to view additional photos.

For the record: If JC spent every penny of his five year contract on that kick ass Brown Jacket, and Dockery spent merely his entire signing bonus on that Christmas Jacket, than Dockery's threads would be worth over 10M more than Jason's.