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Best Draft Picks Ever

Hat tip: Extreme Skins


( breaks down the greatest pick in the history of the NFL Draft at each first-round spot.)
Meaning they went through history's 1st through 32nd Draft Picks and found the best of the best. Not surprisingly, a pair of Redskins made their way to the list. Desmond Howard and... (kidding)
18 Art Monk | WR, Redskins, 1980

He ended his career as one of the most prolific receivers in NFL history. When he retired in 1995 he held the NFL records for receptions (940), single-season receptions (106) and most consecutive games with a catch (183). He wasn't flashy, but Monk always produced, helping the Redskins win three Super Bowls.

If Monk held the NFL record for receptions in 1995, and receptions are a measure of one's receiving "prolificacy", then shouldn't we remove the "one of" qualifier? Anyways...
28 Darrell Green | CB, Redskins, 1983

Green, a seven-time Pro Bowler, was known for his blazing speed and incredible longevity. He was 42 when he hung up his cleats in 2002 -- an incredible feat for a position that relies so much on quickness. Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks, picked 28th in 1995, was also a worthy candidate at this spot.

Best draft pick in history! Never has a team gotten so much from one player. I dare anyone to argue that.

Of course, as we never have draft picks anymore, this can never really happen again. Post your remorse in the comments section below.