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Jason Campbell fears no one

Not even JeMarcus Russell, who has already earned panegyric as the greatest QB in the history of history despite never having played a single down of NFL football. Per Maske:

Campbell stopped by Redskins Park late this morning and said he wasn't offended by the team scheduling Russell's visit.

"It's a process everyone has to go through," Campbell said. "I had to go through it when I was coming out.... It doesn't mean anything by it."

Wiser words were never spoken. It means (we believe in) nothing (Lebowski!). Such rumoring of Russell to Redskins should be summarily dismissed as poppycock, horsefeathers, piffle, flim flam, balderdash, claptrap, baloney, balogna, twaddle, bananas, hooey, bull, redonkeylegs, etc. Becaaaaause...
Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs has said the club is committed to Campbell as its starter. Campbell said he was told about Russell's visit in advance by assistant coach Al Saunders.
And even if Joe Gibbs isn't telling the tooth, JC fears not some young buck challenging him for hegemony:
"It doesn't hurt," Campbell said. "I'm not afraid of competition. It's a competitive sport that we play in. Each year, you have to compete for your job.... As far as I know, I'm still the Washington Redskins' starting quarterback."
A winner's attitude! Remember that Jason Campbell represents the only QB in Joe Gibbs 2nd era to successfully wrestle control of the offense away from Mark Brunell, who many of us had designated as totally unsupplantable last year. But JC did it!

This is Campbell's team.