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Pacman Jones and Chris Henry Cartoon

In honor of the recent suspensions of Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, I present you the most recent cartoon from BANG.

Click Here for the Video

If you haven't checked out the BANG Cartoons yet, do so. They're hit or miss but some are pretty hilarious, and a good number of them (like here for instance) are Redskins related, as the cartoons' author is a Redskins fan and Extreme Skins regular.

And that is how Hogs Haven introduces decisive subjects that may arouse intense debate among reader(s). Rather than saying "how do you feel about Pacman Jones and Chris Henry being suspended?" I post a video of Pacman (as a Batman parody) slapping and spitting on cartoon strippers. I'm fair and balanced like that.

But seriously, please post your views in the comments section. I have my own thoughts on it, though I'm far more interested in your take.