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Slow morning so here's some Cheerleading news

Final Auditions for the newest group of Redskins Cheerleaders are this Sunday at 3:00PM Eastern. Per the Official Site:

The Redskins Cheerleaders Final Auditions show is open to the public! Come out to the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse on Sunday, April 15, at 3 p.m. ET to watch first-hand what it takes to make the Redskins Cheerleaders squad!
Click here for Ticket Information

How are decisions made?

Cheerleader candidates will be judged on their appearance, performance in dance routines, ability to entertain and photogenic ability.
Isn't that like saying, Cheerleaders are judged on looks, dancing, looks and looks? Can someone explain to me the substantive difference between "photogenic ability" and "appearance"? Am I complaining? Absolutely not.

It's a slow news cycle today for the Redskins, though the Schedule should be out later on which I will post about as soon as it comes out. In the meantime please (seriously) feel free to post your own thoughts in the Diaries section as I'm going to be busy throughout the afternoon. Though breaking news will no doubt find its way to Hogs Haven, today might be uniquely absent my usually unrelated and mindless rants. You'll have to entertain yourselves.